Offshoring & Resourcing

Government stats shows that the IT skills are very much in demand in Australia and there are not many resources available locally. How would Australian business will cope with that? Either pay heavily to the local talent or hire equally talented offshore resource at fraction of your budget.

KodeGuru provides both resourcing and offshoring services to the Customer depending on their requirements, budget and preference.

We offer highly skilled IT professionals in major technologies including but not limited to following:

  • Microsoft stack (ASP.NET, c#,, SSRS, SSIS, Azure services, Web services, Desktop applications, WCF, WPF, MVC etc.)
  • CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
  • HTML5, Angular JS, Bootstrap CSS, javascript
  • Lotus notes developer
  • Native IOS, Android, windows mobile app developer
  • Hybrid mobile app developer (Cordova, Xamarin, Ionic, Phonegap)

KodeGuru has tie up with Offshore (India) companies for IT services and can get your work done from offshore at unbelievable price. KodeGuru representative will be assisting you for coordination of your work with offshore and will be your single point of contact; This way you will not feel disconnected and at the same time leverage the benefit of highly skilled IT professionals available at reasonable price.

Most of the small and medium Australian business have a mindset that Offshoring is only for big companies and smaller companies can't handle offshoring IT services or there is too much hassle in that. KodeGuru have extensive experience in handling offshore-onshore model and will take all the hassle out from you and will provide best in class experience to you.

There are countless benefits from offshoring, including but not limited to following:

  • One of the reasons the companies are moving their operations overseas is the lower labor costs. Employers can also save from health insurance, Medicare taxes, workers compensation, Social Security and other expenses associated with local employees.
  • Offshoring to countries with different time zones will enable companies to provide customer support 24/7 and cater to consumers in other parts of the world. This will surely enhance a company’s reputation in terms of taking care of their clients.
  • No significant long term contract needed. You can just sign a contract for a specific task or project. Of course, if you need long term assistance, that’s fine too.
  • No need to relocate, which is an impossible thing to do when your company operates in a certain geographical region.
  • Saves you the costs and hassles of hiring in-house professionals, which can turn out to be a really expensive thing to do.
  • Cut costs by taking advantage of the availability of a much cheaper labor market whilst maintaining the same quality.
  • Global talent pool. Take advantage of specialized, trained and certified professionals, which means they have the expertise needed to expertly develop your project.  
  • Increased focus on the core of your business. Outsourcing IT projects and services can give you the necessary time to improve the core of your business or other parts that might not be working all that smoothly. 
  • Time zone benefits. This means that companies offshoring their services can take advantage of the time zone and receive round the clock support. 

Contact KodeGuru to know more about offshoring or offshore-onshore hybrid model; and how we can deliver your IT services in a smooth and cost effective manner.