Mobile Apps (Hybrid & Native)

Have an Amazing app idea; but don’t know how to get started or confused about hybrid apps (Cordova, Ionic, Phonegap, Xamarin) or native (IOS, Android, Windows) apps. We can surely help you out.

All successful apps start with great ideas. But not all great ideas lead to successful apps. The path to success begins with a sound mobile app strategy.

Our mobile app strategy phase is based upon the following high-level goals:

  • Determine what to build, and for whom
  • Identify and reduce unknowns and grey area
  • Assess costs, timing and resources
  • Optimize budget, schedule, and goals
  • Gain alignment from all stakeholders

We’ll take you through the following exercises during your discovery workshop:

  • Business strategy and product review
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) definition
  • Use-cases, and primary user journeys
  • Feature ideation, definition, and prioritization
  • Product positioning review
  • Technical and system review
  • Design review
  • Monetization review
  • Launch and post-launch review

After we finish our mobile app strategy phase, you’ll have the following deliverable in hand:

  • Hybrid or native Android, IOS and Windows app
  • MVP (“minimum viable product”) feature list
  • Recommended roadmap
  • Product positioning statement
  • User personas and user task flow diagrams
  • Technical architecture/system overview diagrams
  • Design phase (UX/UI) itemized estimate and schedule
  • Engineering phase (UX/UI) itemized estimate and schedule


Just because you published your app, it doesn’t mean you’re done. The world around your app is constantly changing, and the app will need to evolve. With our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) service, we provide analysis, technical support, maintenance and peace of mind that your app will continue to function the way it was designed.

All our services are backed by our 30 days warranty after the launch of the app. After those 30 days are over, you can choose to renew it for a period of time or on Time and Material basis.

Regular maintenance/enhancements of apps are required for many reasons:

  • Keep app upto-date with changing market
  • New versions of a mobile OS (e.g. iOS, Androids, Windows) are introduced.
  • 3rd party plug-ins or other services your app uses (e.g. a social sharing feature, web services) might be updated.
  • Increase in user base might demand scaling infrastructure
  • New use cases from user feedback

Don’t let your app get out of date. Talk to KodeGuru today to learn more about our ALM service.